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Yoyo Pro Shutter Trainer Pack

Yoyo Pro Shutter Trainer Pack

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This pack comes with everything you need to train like a yoyo pro. If you are ready for unresponsive yoyoing, and you’re looking for your first metal yoyo, you can’t beat the value of this pack. It includes a metal Shutter Trainer Yoyo (Just like the Yoyo used to win the World Yoyo Contest) along with all the accessories you will want to help keep your practice consistent and keep your premium yoyo maintained.

This pack includes one of each of the following:

  • 1 Metal Shutter Trainer Yoyo

  • Long Spin Center Track Bearing

  • Yoyo Multitool (Remove bearing, cut string, remove axle)

  • 1 set of response pads

  • 1 Bottle of long spin bearing lubricant

  • 5 extra yoyo strings

Keep in mind this is a pro (unresponsive) yoyo which means it requires a bind to return to the hand. The bind usually takes just a few minutes to learn.

(Colors of string and response pads may vary)
The Shutter trainer is constructed of 6061 grade alloy. Unlike the Shutter Wide Angle and Shutter which have been used to win World Titles, the trainer is made at a slightly lower level of precision. This does not make it any less awesome to learn tricks, but you may notice a little more vibration or inconsistencies in the anodize finish.


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